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Wooden products

Wooden soap holders and candle holders with organic beeswax candles

Wooden soap holders are suitable for hard soaps, so they last longer and don't melt too quickly. Water drips off through holes and dents and enables the soap to dry. Soap holders carry an Art&Craft Slovenija certificate (No. 8758-01/17), which is presented by a professional committee at the Chamber of Craft and Small business of Slovenia. They are made out of scrap wood.

Wooden candle holders with organic beeswax candles are a lovely home decor item, not only in Christmas time. Candle holders are made out of scrap wood as well. 

All of our wooden products are made with hand tools and every single one of them is unique. All of the photos are symbolic and don't represent the exact stock. When you place an order, we will email you the photos of wooden products in stock and you will be able make a choice of your liking. 

All of the wooden products are coated with paraffin oil/wax. 

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