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Wooden combs

Wooden combs are made from Slovenian walnut, plum, elm, pear tree, acacia. They are friendly to your hair and scalp, as they have a number of advantages: 

-They stimulate blood pressure and bring all nutritive substances to your hair roots. This makes you healthier and shinier.

-Wooden combs do not cause static electricity and it is easier to make a real nice hairstyle.

-Natural fibres of the wood embrace the hole hair all down to the hair roots. Using a wooden comb is like wearing a wool or silk wardrobe, which keeps you warm in winter and cold in summer. With wooden comb you can get rid of greasy hair or, on the other hand, your dandruff.

-We use a special production procedure, so that the combs even though they are made of wood, are ment for combing wet or dry hair.

All our combs are handmade and carefully grinded, therefore they slide gently through the hair. For coating, we use tung oil to preserve the wood.

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